12 Quick Tips on Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene plays a vital part in a girl/woman's mental health and physical health.

Good menstrual hygiene is the first step to a woman's good health. It not only protects her from poor health, but also shields those around you from suffering illnesses, infections and arise from the lack of menstrual hygiene. According to BBC Magazine, around 70 % of the reproductive infections in Indian women are caused by poor menstrual hygiene. There are grave health risks in periods if adequate sanitary measures are not taken.

Here are quick tips on maintaining your menstrual hygiene

  1. Wash yourself properly

  2. Use the right washing technique

  3. Use good quality sanitary napkins

  4. Change the sanitary napkin at a regular interval

  5. Use only one method of sanitation at a time

  6. Keep the vaginal area always dry

  7. Don’t skip a bath during periods.

  8. Don’t wash the vaginal area with soap

  9. Beware of a pad rash

  10. Wash hands with soap after using the washroom

  11. Wear comfortable and clean cotton clothes

  12. Don’t hesitate to talk about periods

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