Be a Santa

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Now you can be a hero by gifting a smile :)



Here you go,

3 Quick ways to be a part of our event!
Be a santa! By donating your unused items for us!



1.Why to donate?

















A book you've already read can be a source of knowledge for a kid who cannot afford it.

An old cricket bat you own might be too short for you, but there exist a kid who deserves it.

For every toy you wouldn't care to throw out there is a kid who knows it's worth.

We will donate those items as gifts to underprivileged kids  and to witness the
sudden moment of surprise on their faces is what we want to share with you



2. What to donate?






All used and unused materials in good condition are accepted by us!

The following are the list of gifts among which you can make your choice

Books (story books, notebooks)
Sports goods (cricket bat, football, volleyball)

Stationary items(crayons, pencils)
Toys ** (for kids between the ages of 3-6)





3. Where and When to donate?
















We have a drop off point at our

Smitam Head Office
Doddakallasandra, Konanakunte, Bengaluru-560062


The above information provided is also our postal address.
We will collect necessary information from donors such as Name, Contacts number, Email and an Itinerary of all donated items

We are open, everyday between

11 AM - 7PM


For further details and queries call

 Varun        : 97318 97297
Aishwarya  : 81059 23482
Mandaara : 8867989827

Tippasandra Road, Anjanadri Layout, Konanakunte, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062

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